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International certification
  • CE Certification consultation

  • China Compulsory Certification

  • SRRC Certification consultation

  • TELEC Certification consultation

  • FDA Certification consultation

  • FCC Certification consultation

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Cooperation Process
  • 01

    Customer service

    Helping customers understand the knowledge their products need to do certification

  • 02

    Evaluation forecast

    Evaluate customer's products

  • 03


    Designing technical solutions according to the certification project for product application, budget price

  • 04

    Technical confirmation

    Technical plan details confirm, price change confirmation

  • 05

    signing the contract

    Arrange tests based on program content and contract terms

  • 06

    test sample

    Customer provides samples and technical data for testing

  • 07

    Report certification

    Write a report based on the test data results.

  • 08

    Customer return visit

    Understand the customer's certification testing during the certification

Certified products
  • Information technology equipment

  • LED Light

  • Household appliances

  • Power supply

  • Wireless product

  • Li-ion battery

  • Car electronic

about us
  • Authorization qualification

  • Authorization qualification

  • Authorization qualification

Shenzhen SETEK Technology Co., Ltd.

Shenzhen Central Inspection and Technology Co., Ltd. (Shenzhen SETEK Technology Co., Ltd.) is an independent third party specialized in electronic and electrical products safety and electromagnetic compatibility testing, testing, technical consulting and service projects. The company is positioned for the public inspection and inspection services, the issuance of inspection reports, the inspection and testing needs consultation and other high-tech service industries. There are 5 major categories of comprehensive performance testing, such as electromagnetic compatibility detection, safety regulation

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